Betting on sports is one of the world's best pastimes – & Nigeria isn't an exception either. Going by statistics, people stake over 250 Million a year on sports betting, with about 100 Million bet on football alone.

The main reason sports betting is on the increase and relatively very popular is the unexplainable excitement it gives when watching sports, and also the lucrativeness that can be derived from those who who are quite versed in odds, picking winners and also how to use online bonuses profitably.

In this article, I've carefully crafted the basics of sports betting online, and also various strategies to winning betting on sports.
...& without much ado, let's set down to business.

Fine! So you've made up your mind to start online bets, but have you thought about the best places to place your bets?

Well, I feel this should be the first thing to discuss – the best online shops to place your bets.

Below, are a number of recommended online bookmakers where you can safely bet with real money online;

• Bet 9ja
• Naira Bet
• Merry Bet
• Winners Golden Bet
• Naija Bet
• Lions Bet
• Sure Bet 24/7
• 1960 Bet
• Fortune Bet...

It's quite important that I add; all these online betting sites aforementioned are highly reputable (this isn't a marketing strategy). However, be careful of not just joining any online sports bet platform you come across as scams are parading the streets of the net – do your homework properly before joining any online sports betting platform other than those listed above.

Finding or rather choosing the right sportsbook can be a really tedious, tiring and very confusing. Thus, you need to place a couple of important factors beside themselves, Serving as pointers for your selection.

Below, are a couple of tips to help you get started with an online sportsbook.

1) Learn all You Can About the Site
Get to know everything you can about the company, the Kinds of betting opportunities they offer, their available promotions, payment and also customer service options, as well as their terms and conditions and hidden charges (if present).

It's really important to check these things about a company in order not to get unnecessary shockwaves travelling down your spine in the nearest future.
2) Use the Site’s Betting Resource Section.
As a complete novice or newbie, who wish to learn how to place bets, it's important to get acquainted with a site's resource section – lot of these sites offers you a step by step guide to betting.

It helps you start betting relatively faster.

3) Start Small

Simply put; allocate your money with your senses – set your priorities right!

Start with small stakes, then you can gradually increase the money you stake, if and only if you're fully confident that you've fully understood how the betting works.

4) Don’t Stake Your Rent Money

Do not bet with your rent money. Only bet with monies you can afford to let go. Monies like leftovers after all other regular expenses have been met.

Do not use part nor all of the money budgeted for household to fund your betting account – plan for loss as much as you put high hopes on winning as well.


As a beginner, although there are lots of bets one can make, but the three most popular forms of online bet are; moneyline, point spreads & totals (over/under).

Let me briefly explain this seeming Arabian words to you below. You ready right? Fine!

• MoneyLine Bets
Simply put, a moneyline bet is a type of bet based on the principle of which team will win a game. This kin of bet is popular on hockey, football, basketball and sometimes baseball.
In this kind of betting, the payout is usually the same irrespective of how many point bet upon wins by. If you're new to sports betting, it's very important to "odds". This is because it plays an important role in moneyline betting.

• Point Spread Bets
Point Spread was reported to have been invented by a maths professor – Charles K. McNeil of Chicago. And today, this type of online sport betting is pretty popular in sports like football & basketball.

The basic principle is making a game closer to a 50/50 proposition with an handicap added.

There are a few things to note about Point spread bets; in situations where half points (such as -2,5+2,5) is involved in point spreads, there's n way the game will end in a draw. This is however very hard to come by in point spreads.

Also, I would conclude by saying; although point spreads are most popular in football and basketball they are however also available for other sports as well – baseball et all.

• Totals – Over/Under Bets

This betting type is the easiest to understand, and also relatively the most widely employed in Nigeria.

In this type, you're betting on whether the total score/point gotten by both teams will be over or under the staked betting total – ie. Your prediction.


Learning sports betting for betting isn't and easy task at all. However, this article Is aimed at helping you understand the basics. However, you can learn even more about these tips by reading closely related books on this subject matter.

Notwithstanding, just know that none of these books are going to make you a winning bettor but only a relatively better one – everything depends on how effectively & efficiently you can set your thinking faculty to action. These books, even this article will only get your mind start thinking smartly about sports betting.

Betting is quite competitive, but notwithstanding, people exploits leaks of recreational betting sites & local bookers... And one more thing; the more you win, the more you run out of opportunities!

Wow! It's really being a great ride with you. I'm confident that after this article that you've just read and mastered to the heart, you're good to go, as regards online sports betting.

However, please let me know if you still have any sports betting questions parading giving you elements of doubts. Let's hear from you via the comment section...

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