The bookies (betting companies) always try to lure people into betting by painting a picture that shows betting on sports as an easy way of making money.
Is making money from betting easy? The answer is no, not at all.
Can I make money from betting on sports? Yes, you can. It will require a lot of hard work and discipline at the beginning to make this work and above all, you must be able to pay attention to details.
Contrary to what the bookies try to show, making money from sports betting is not easy though it is not the most difficult thing, a lot is required to actually profit from it.
You look at so many betting companies flourishing. You wonder where do they make their profits from. If sports betting is so easy as they try to make you believe they would be out of cash by now.
The truth is that companies have to make the profit to stay in business and the same is applicable to betting companies.
Some betting companies are rich enough to sponsor some football clubs in some major leagues in the world. This should bring everything to bare - they make profits, not just profit they make huge profits.
For a person who is just starting out with sports betting, chances are that the outcome will be one-way. There will be losses. Winning in sports betting does not necessarily mean making profits because a mixture of results ( win and lose) can still leave you with deficits. To make profits from betting you need to win consistently and to do this you need to learn and improve.
As there are two sides to a coin, there is also a bad side to the game apart from losing your money they can also be other side effects.,
Addiction is one of the major problems so many punters face after playing this game for a long time.
Also after losing some amount of money you may lose control and want to pursue losses which can lead to more losses.
You can also be distracted from doing other things you should do.

I wouldn't advise a person who is not calm and calculative to start betting on sport. Like I said earlier sports betting is not the most difficult way of making money but you need to be disciplined.
If you are new to the game, it will be helpful if you find someone that's more experience to help you out. A little advice from an experienced punter before making a pick can really help.
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