Since Premier Lotto dumped the shading method and advanced to digital method, it has created thousands of employment in Nigeria. So many people are gainfully employed today, the young, old, educated, semi educated and non educated..all thanks to Baba ijebu. You dont need any certificate before you can start working as baba ijebu agent. Listed below, are what you need to kick off


1. KIOSK : This is a place where you put your terminal for sales, is not a must for you to have a shop, before you can become lotto agent, you can get a kiosk either big or small, depend on what you can afford.

2.FORCAST BOARD : You need to get a board to write past result for your customers, this will help your customers as well to forcast baba ijebu games.

3. TERMINAL : This terminal is what people called red terminal, a machine used to play and print tickets for your customers, you can get this from your principal agent...
Principal Agent ? yes from your principal.
Principal Agent is the middle person between you and baba ijebu.

As an agent, baba ijebu pays you according to the amount of ticket sold, in every ticket you sell you get 15% commission on their indoor games while you get 20% commission on ghana games.
for instance , if your total sales on indoor games is #20,000 you get 15% commission = #3000
and your total sales on ghana games is #5,000 you get  20% commission = #1000
your total sales for the day is #25,000 and you get commission of #4000.
do you know that the total commission for a month is #4000*30days =120,000

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